The Cosmics Union

“We, The Cosmics, bring from Milkdromeda the absolute utopia, the unifying force that guides humanity towards a free, just and equal world. We face the authoritarian structures, the loss of individual autonomy, the fear of punishment imposed by those with power that manipulate life. No matter how hard the world pushes against us, within us, there is something stronger -something better, pushing right back.It is the strength of Milkomedra, the freedom of spirit, the power of knowledge of those who live in respect towards science and freedom” – A.S. The Cosmics Manifest

The Cosmics Union is a free-impro band based in Milkdromeda that starts its career in October 2018. The band is formed by Ana Simón (flute & synths), Guy Foret (bass clarinet & guitar) and Andrés Navarro (percussion & electronics). Since its formation they have performed in several terrestrial cities such as Brussels, Gent, Leuven and Maastricht. They curate the experimental music festival Unknown Orbits which have already had two editions, Mandril Cultural and Political Center (Maastricht) and Logos Foundation (Gent). They have realized several recording sessions which have been played in radios such as Radio Roeien Met Riemen and Noviembre Nocturno. In February 2019 in collaboration with the Californian visual artist Alexandra Banhazl they presented his first work “Φ” based in Fibonaci Serie and the creation of the universe. At this moment they are working in a new recording session and planning an European tour 19/20.