Gray (2017) . Anne Leilehua Lanzotti, for viola, dance and percussion

Naturale (1985) . Luciano Berio, for viola and percussion

Trio V (2006) . Christian Wolff, for piano four hands and percussion

Lauda for bass clarinet (2007) . Gavin Bryars, for Bass clarinet and drones

Follow thy flight (2004) . Ron Ford, for soprano and vibraphone

Mundus canis (1998) . George Crumb, for guitar and percussion

Gagok (1972) . Isang Yun, for guitar, soprano and percussion

Worker’s Union (1975) . Louis Andriessen, for any number of players

Third Construction (1941) . John Cage, for four percussionists

Grab It! (1999) . Jacob Tv, for saxophone, bass and drums set

Divertimento (1971) . Akira Yuyama, for saxophone and percussion

Bass clarinet and percussion (1981) . Morton Feldman

Fractalia (2011) . Owen Clayton Condon, for four percussionists