for Amplified Metal Plate

For amplified metal plate is an Andrés Navarro’s project which begins in Logos Foundation (Gent) in 2019, moves to Q-O2 (Brussels) in December 2019 and it was selected for the second edition of Showcase Emerging Sound (STUK, Leuven) in 2020. Its main purpose is to collect elements of the city daily life and to relocate them in “art places”. Daily life appears on stage in the form of sounds which are produced by objects-materials from street or constructions. A metal plate amplified by contact mics, cans, tubes, metal bars, sticks… are some of the elements that at this moment form the set.

What is noise? « Noise pollution results when man does not listen carefully (…) noises are the sound we have learned to ignore » says Murray Schafer. This project pretends to raise awareness of sounds that surround us everyday. At the moment in which this daily life sounds are deployed in a concert hall, they become something where to put our attention. The fact of amplifying the metal plate with contact mics allows us to discover a new range of harmonics that wouldn’t be perceptible without using this kind of amplification. Any action that is taking place on the metal plate can be listened. Sounds that are part of our daily life become the soundkey of a concert place.