Taking advantage of the heterogeneity and variety of percussion instruments, this recently created initiative of Andrés Navarro promotes the integration between different genres of music. The first step of coPer_ACCIÓN took place in La Unión (Murcia, Spain) in form of percussion festival in June 2019.

This first edition of coPer_ACCIÓN was realized by Andrés Navarro and Emilio Saura (Murcia – Rotterdam), two young percussionists who have seen how their artistic careers led them along different paths and genres. Two friends who admire each other and, although each one has chosen his way, they enjoy each other’s work. The festival was structured in individual classes, percussion workshops and concerts where students and audience could enjoy the sounds of African and Brazilian drums, symphonic percussion instruments, objects transformed into instruments, sounds and rhythms of flamenco. During three days audience and students could experience different genres of music, from minimalist to African music passing through flamenco and sound art.